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A young group of people. Ambitious, innovative, energetic, experienced, and have a lot to offer to a relatively young market. That’s how it all started. These enthusiastic, determined minds have collectively decided to put their experience to great use, offering common and uncommon promotional services but with a twist, a major twist. This led to establishing BLOSSOM in 2006 – a promotion and distribution agency that listens, responds, and caters to every brand’s needs.


Business would be chaotic without a code, a genuine ethical platform. At BLOSSOM, principles and values come first. They dictate the way we work with each other and with all our stakeholders on a daily basis. Nothing beats a relationship built on respect, timeliness, trust, and transparency. We are good at making promises, but we’re better at delivering on our promises.


We work with you, Not for you

Your retail shops and showrooms are your windows to the public. They reveal your brand image and level of professionalism. To ensure providing your customers with the best possible retail experience, we provide premium quality placement and retail maintenance services of your marketing material and products.


Our set of promotional services includes sales at their best, media services down to the minutest details, promotional distribution that guarantees coverage and reach, effective marketing including all sub-marketing requirements, activations and premium quality production


Our database includes brand ambassadors who have been interviewed for skills and qualified talent, including the right voice and right attitude. They are engaging, dynamic experts who know how to represent your brand and communicate its attributes to the market.


Professional and highly trained in hospitality and promotions, our event staff will help make your event a true success. Whether it’s “meet and greet”, ushering, organizing, or handling any other event-related task, these talented individuals always get it right.


In an exhibition, you need individuals who possess communication skills and a great attitude. They can handle pressure and carry out assigned tasks quickly and responsibly. We happen to know and handpick just the right people for the job.


They are professional, cheerful, and always prepared. They are skilled in the art of “meet and greet”, and are constantly alert and aware of their surroundings. Our hosts and hostesses know how to make sure that every person on your guest list feels welcome and comfortable.


Enthusiastic sampling staff are key to a successful campaign. They are the true brand drivers, the brand’s voice when communicating face to face with your target market. With our well-trained sampling staff, rest assured that your brand is carried by the right hands and will reach the right hands.


Whether you’re launching a new product, want to increase your existing brand’s visibility, or establish a direct conversation between your brand and the customer, we can make it happen in accordance with the highest promotional standards. We have expertise in organizing innovative road show concepts and implementing them down to the smallest detail.


Your market research and accompanying surveys require staff who understand the concept, content, and objective of your survey. They know how to communicate with your target audience and get all the required information. Our surveying staff are simply top notch.

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